How to Organise A Charity Golf Day

We have in our latest event charged £10 for an envelope which includes draw tickets and an entry into the putting competition ,Nearest the Pin and Longest Drive. We have enlisted the help of a lovely lady who registers all the players, enters scores and sells the £10 envelopes, she is  probably the reason we get such a good uptake in selling these!

The Redpost Golf Society  based in Dorset in the UK have now run 4 Charity events and raised in excess of £12000 and would like to pass on to anyone who has an interest in golf and is looking to run a Charity golf day how we have done it and hope it proves helpful.Organising a golf day is great fun and rewarding but it is hard work and you need to constantly badger people to help you out.


Who we are…….

How we have done it …….

DORSET-Home of The Redpost Golf Society. But don’t turn down single players as you can usually make up more teams from these single players.

Find sponsors for each hole. Make sure any one who is going to run the auction is “pushy” so you get as much from the auction as possible.

A general point is to make sure that you have enough people helping your golf dayand they all need to know what you want them to do. the prize is anything we need to get rid of and has included a beer cooler, a battery drill and a case of beer.

We have also held auctions after the golf and we have put up lots such as holidays,tickets to sports events, restaurant vouchers, football club shirts and anything else that you can cajole people and businesses into giving. you can contact us on We also run a yellow ball competition and a nearest the mystery prize on the 18th fairway. this makes it slightly easier for the person collating the scores. We have been lucky that we have been able to enlist the services of a local farmer who has conducted many auctions and is also an entertainer in his own right. Anyone who has reasonable Excel skills can easily develop a programme to add up these scores, if not we are happy to sell you a copy of ours at nominal cost. We ask if they are to provide their own advertising banner to place around the hole or if they would like us to provide one. We were lucky enough to find the Hearn Group of Companies in Dorchester and they have made a regular contribution to all of our events

Book a golf course well in advance of the event and settle the amount they want to charge and agree what is to be provided. If you stress that it is for charity they are normally happy to help financially.

Start getting teams to enter we try to get teams of 4 which means that it is easier to organise when they are playing. All the scores with this ball are added up at the end of the round and we give a prize usually a green fee voucher to the winning team. we have an arrangement with a manufacturer so we make a small profit on this.

Organise a draw to be drawn on the day. Anyone without the tickets cannot enter the competitions. The way the yellow ball competition works is that each team starts with a yellow ball and each player in turn has to use this ball. We have also approached with great success,  local organisations providing such things as Shepherds Hut holidays, Gliding, Zorbing, Shooting and alpaca walking. If the ball gets lost the team does not qualify. A good source of prizes are from local golf clubs who are usually willing to donate green fee tickets especially if you have played on their course. For the team score we count the best 2 scores for the first 6 holes,the best 3 scores on holes 7 to 12 and all scores on the last 6 holes. This needs to include what food and refreshments they can offer, free use of buggies to place advertising banners on the course, Nearest the Pin and Longest Drive markers and anything else you can think of. We had about a 95% take up.

Get prizes. A dustbin is placed on the 18th fairway at an average driving length so the big hitters have to throttle down if they want to win and the highest handicappers still have a chance of winning.

To raise as much money for your Chosen Charity by any means you canthink of!

Finally remember what you are doing this for-

First select your chosen cause and set a realistic target

Seek a local business as a major sponsor. You will need to buy trophies as you see fit for overall winner, Nearest Pin, longest Drive, Champion Putter etc.

We play full handicap scoring for both team competition and individual. We get them to pay a set amount for the hole ( charge more for 1 and 18 as most sponsors seem to like these holes)

***Love Golf? Nervous On The First Tee? Here Are 16 Tips To Help You Stay Calm, Confident And Focused

This can help to get rid of some of your nervous energy.

2. Most golfers are overly worried about embarrassing themselves while others are watching them closely. The worst that happens is not a tragedy. Remember, each swing is independent and the more important swing is the next one you take.

11. Visualize the path you want the ball to take.

By Dr. Both low handicappers and high handicappers can be nervous at the start of a round.

Here are some tips to help high handicappers and single digit players understand more about their nervousness on the first tee and some tips to help golfers become more

comfortable when they tee off. It is an inconvenience that is part of the game of golf.

1. Realize that many golfers experience anxiety when they start a round of golf. This will help to relax you and can activate the playful side of your mind..

Some golfer report difficulty sleeping the night before a golf event due to stress related to looking bad on the first tee while everyone is watching them swing.

4. Never, ever be afraid of hitting a bad shot.

16. Learn how to use self-hypnosis to ease your self into the zone.

6. Do some aerobics before you get to the golf course. You are not at all alone with these feelings and it is not uncommon.

10. Identify where you want the ball to land.

3. Some golfers mistakenly believe that if their first shot is bad that their entire round will be bad. Once you do not care what others think about your game, you will be freed up to perform better.

13. Before you strike the ball, have either one idea or an empty and quiet mind.

Over the years, many golfers have come to see me to get help with their first tee jitters. Jay Granat

12. Do not swing until you are comfortable.

14. Try using worry beads to get calm and keep you hands free of tension.

5. Remember, being in the center of the fairway and straight is often better than being long and being off target.

9. Most of you are playing golf to have some fun so remind yourself that you are on the golf course to enjoy yourself.

7. Listen to music prior to arriving at the first tee.

8. Tense and relax the muscles in you arms and legs before you step up to hit the ball.

15. Spend some time playing with a yo-yo prior to teeing off

Sports :: The NBA Final Picks

Even as extraordinary as LeBron may be he cannot win the playoffs by himself.

As it is still early yet anything could still happen. Nothing is set in stone. Your underdog team could possibly get that NBA ring.

Number 24 Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers have the greatest odds to win. New players are too green to have an effect as it will take them a while to get trained and acclimated to professional basketball.. They are the returning champions and have won numerous titles, so they are really the team to watch. They can only do a trade to try and lower their salary budget to bring in fresh blood. Unless Kobe gets hurt or something unforeseen happens they should be one of the two teams vying for the title.

Do you have a favorite team that you are rooting for? Or maybe you just have a player that you like. Many feel that the salary caps should be raised so that other teams can compete. Most of the teams that are in contention have franchise players and are at the salary cap so they will not have an opportunity to draft any really good players. Though many say that LeBron is still young and hasn’t fully matured enough to win even though he is a phenomenal player. They have won a championship game in the past decade so they would need to have a few key players to step up to the plate to get to the playoffs. Many people felt that Boston has a 24.3 percent chance to win it all in 2010.

One of the other two contending teams that might have a shot is the Cleveland Cavaliers. Boston used to be a powerhouse in the eighties and they may rise up yet again with the right people in place. No one yet knows who is going to win and the NBA picks are still too early to decide. The favored team could have a really bad year. Although Shaquille O’Neal is an experienced player with four championship wins Cleveland doesn’t have enough supporting players on the team to help them win. He is the franchise player that skipped college basketball because of the beauty of his playing abilities. Does your team have a shot at the next NBA Finals? Usually if the team was pretty good in the previous year they will have approximately the same performance unless major players are hurt, were traded or retired. The other time that happened was with the Chicago Bulls as Michael Jordan wanted to win so badly that he was willing to sacrifice his NBA salary since he was making more money in advertising endorsements. LeBron James leads this team. Yet still others feel that the top league players should take a salary cut to gain additional players if they are truly serious about winning. Unless LeBron James is willing to go this route the Cavaliers may never win.

The other team that is on the watch list is the Boston Celtics. In a poll recently posed to fans 51 percent felt that the Lakers would win again in 2010