eGaming Email Marketing Free Tips

Revenue Share 2. Too many images or text, and spam filters will not deliver your emails.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Communicate with relevant ISPs especially if you have delivery issues.

When consumers opt to unsubscribe from future communications, track in real time and do not email them again

Monitor them and engage regulators when your companys URL/brand gets on block lists, as they have obviously marked your brand as a spammer by mistake (probably because an affiliate or media partner is spamming).

Match target email lists against each other to avoid paying multiple times to rent the same email address. De-duping also avoids current customers being annoyed by big offers for new customers.

Monitor which email account providers receive your retention emails better. Formulate email marketing conversions strategies for both co-registration and premium leads. CPA 3. Fixed Fee

Broadcast a regular newsletter with information about marketing promotions, loyalty programmes and sign up incentives for new players.

Make sure you have a legitimate opt in statement (especially you affiliates!), and check 3rd party email data owners opt in statement (especially the smaller ones who are more likely to spam)

De-dupe then tier multiple lists by unit rate, hence automatically pay the lowest unit rate when being offered the same email address by numerous email data owners.

Make sure images and text are fairly balanced within the body of your email creative. Adding dynamic personalised content within the email creative also helps convert.

If your egaming brand only rents and buys quality opt-in targeted data, your results will generally be better than those who adopt a buying policy of securing the lowest unit rate possible.

Be aware that the coding of an email will greatly affect delivery. job title

Consider having a clear button on your email for people who need to increase font size to read your email properly.

Avoid all relations and association between your brand, spammers and spamming.

Email marketing offers massive bulk buying discounts, take advantage of them

All consumers receive countless offers every day by email. So if your brand name has issues with delivery of emails, place your brand name into an image to evade spam filters.

Use numerous IP addresses, keep acquisition and retention IP addresses separate, and work hard to build and maintain the reputation of your IPs.

Bettor Communications theory is to target in Week 1 and 4 of the calendar month, when people either have money or need money (in relation to the average pay day)

Unique emails get flagged by spam filters awhile prolonged use, so keep your creative fresh

Telemarketing works perfectly in conjunction with email marketing activity when managed well.

Data list owners usually have lots of ways of segmenting and filtering their data so communicate with them, often they have valuable filters you did not realize e.g. Ensure your creative team is fully trained and also verify third party creative production partners understand how to code emails which are optimized for delivery.

Employ behavioral email marketing intelligently for both retention and acquisition of new players its a highly profitable media strategy. Test new lead samples thoroughly.

Media Buying Cost Metrics

As a general rule shift risk to suppliers – in order of preference negotiate with third party media owners and agencies – 1.

If your egaming is due to launch some expensive direct mail activity, tell your customers by email that their promotional gift is arriving by post shortly.

Constantly experiment and optimize your subject lines every subject heading has a finite lifespan.

Morning broadcasts generally convert well, although afternoons work well on Fridays and at weekends

Ensure all email creative has stimulating images in, which can all be clicked on to help drive players to your landing page fast.

Spam filters cannot read images, but can read text. CPM 6. Your direct call to action should involve free money and free bets, a compelling clear offer.

Align your email marketing activity with seasonal peaks and troughs.

Due to the fact email marketing is totally measurable, develop and optimize sequential messaging strategies, which can then be automated in your egaming CRM system.. If any major email account providers block your emails, exclude these email addresses from acquisition campaigns.

Negotiating performance-based clauses with 3rd party list owners is a guaranteed effective email marketing strategy for egaming operators and affiliates.

When trying new suppliers in email marketing, keep investment minimal, data performance is not proportional to budget invested

Try and feature your brand name in From Lines for extra media value, but if you are getting delivery problems it will help it you omit your egaming brand name from the From Line.

Use spam checker software and see if any of the words or phrases in your email are going to significantly hamper delivery change flagged spam words.

Email data can easily be segmented by demographic, take advantage of this fact when buying email media.

Bettor Communications eGaming Media Tips

Make sure your affiliates have access to mailers in your affiliate system so then can send new players to you using email marketing.

Make sure Subject Headings always have a First Name or Place in, its increases Open and CTRs substantially. CPL 4. CPC 5

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