Think Like a Millionaire: Government Offerings

They consider the gas mileage, reliability, reviews, and resale value of the car to ensure if its the best deal for their money and ultimately meets their needs. government. While an investor uses the same money as a tool.

Because when you think of money as tool, you begin to understand how to use it to better position yourself in life. In business, this has included all direct marketing pieces from brochures to sales letters. Thomas, LT Copywriting

Have you ever wondered why one person in your family always seems to have money while another doesn’t? Even tho they make the same income…

A normal consumer uses money to purchase a vehicle. They began offering this as many people who buy bonds dont want to have to keep up with the macroeconomics of the US Economy.

Government Offerings -

The truth is most people feel money is a dispensable item and are too easy to give it away for things they want or value. Government Bills or Notes



By Lucas M. They take out a loan on it, and make a promise to give away their future wealth for a vehicle that will never pay for itself let alone the interest their going to pay on it. And officially started his Copywriting and Internet Marketing business in May of 2013. He has worked with multiple entrepreneurs, small companies, and non-profits across the Valley.

Using direct marketing, he has both on and off line become successful. Government – makes it one of the safest bets on Earth

Inflation Protection – Protects your investment against inflation risk by adjusting the payout interest

Manageable Denomination you can buy I-Bonds ranging from $50 to $10,000.

Tax Exempt/Tax Deferrable are exempt/deferrable from state and local taxes which can help the savvy investor save a lot of money in the long-run.


Safe Unless the U.S. If your interested in more, please check out the entire series.

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Lucas Thomas has earned thousands of dollars with only one white sheet of paper. With only ink and paper he has paid for his school and become financially free.

He has been doing professional copy for the last two years. That most dont even know.

I Bonds

Low Interest Rate because the taxes are low on municipal bonds, they have much lower interest rates. Government backed securities

Tax Exempt/Tax Deferrable are exempt/deferrable from federal taxes and sometimes state and local taxes which can help the savvy investor save a lot of money in the long-run.


Therefore its time to get started and think about money like an investor.

Also known as Treasuries, they are government notes that are backed by the U.S. However, a car is not an investment because you will never be able to use it to make the money back that you spent. Which might not make sense unless youre in a high tax bracket and looking to avoid taxes

CommissionBased – you may have to pay a commission to buy municipal bonds

Hefty Penalties for Cashing out Early – If you need your money before the security matures, you may not get back all of your original investment.

Municipal Bonds. While Treasury Notes are longer term (Up to 10 Years) and mature after a year . You dont really change your habits, you simply have more and you spend more like a bigger house, better car, or the NEW ITEM YOU JUST NEED NOW.

A consumer views a vehicle as an asset and investment.

For example,

Backed by U.S. Used mostly by high-income investors to reduce their tax liability.

Instead of consuming with your money, here are some common investments that are offered by the government that are available to you right now. And there are two types, Treasury Bills which are short term-loans that mature in less than a year. If you dont, even when you make more money as a consumer, you ultimately just spend more money as a consumer. You will never be able to resell it for more than you paid and most likely will get next to nothing when you finally do resell it.

I-Bonds are a Government Backed Bond that gives you protection from inflation by changing the interest rate on the bond semi-annually. Government defaults and goes bankrupt (Not very probable)

Commission Free unlike a lot of investment vehicles they can be purchased directly, without the need of a broker

Tax Exempt treasuries are exempt from state and local taxes which can help the savvy investor save a lot of money in the long-run


Safe almost as safe as U.S. All while earning his Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Management. Using elegant copy, he will boost your business to the next level. Some even believe that its an investment. They use the money you give them to fund the building of schools, highways, and other projects for the city and state. On top of that, they usually never purchase from a NEW car dealer and instead get it from a certified-used dealer, craigslist with proper inspections, or my personal favorite EBay.

Better Interest Elsewhere Good returns, but if you shop around, you may find higher yielding investments that are just as safe such as CDs, Money Market Funds, and bonds.

Hefty Penalties for Cashing out Early – If you need your money before the security matures, you may not get back all of your original investment.

Even worse, is when people see a car as an investment. In academics, scholarships to proposals.

U.S. In simple terms, you are giving a loan to the government and they pay interest to you on the loan.

In the same vein but with an investor,

A normal investor purchases a vehicle with cash. And now he is available for the first time to provide for your business. (Click here to learn how to avoid Shark Loans)


Penalty for Cashing-Out Early – must hold for at least 12 months before redeeming, but if you redeem it before five years, you have to pay a 3 month Returns Penalty.

In comparison to a consumer, an investor views a vehicle as an expense and liability that can eat money quickly and leave you in financial stress if it isnt properly purchased.

Municipal bonds are similar to federal bonds but are issued by state and local governments. In non-profits, grants to fundraisers. By qualifying members and converting those leads to sales

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