Steelers v. Packers – InfoBarrel Forum

The only rule is that whoever wins must post the articles on InfoBarrel. If you are that confident, I’ll even “bet” up to five articles per person. . I promise to write a quality article if I lose so please plan on doing the same when you the Steelers kick the Packers butt.

Everyone seems to be picking the Packers over the Steelers! Seriously?

The Packers are going to be favored, that’s true (as wrong as that truly is). The Steelers win, you write me a 1000 word article. So, as a result, I’m re-posting here:

There is no limit to the number of people that I will make this wager with. Seems like the fair thing to do since the challenge is being posted here on the forums.

The Packers win, I write you a 800 word article. So here is what I propose as a wager:

I smell a wager, InfoBarrel style:

Any takers?

I posted this in another thread until I realized that I probably inadvertently hijacked the thread

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