Things You Should Never Buy Online

Bottom line-never purchase medicines online, even if they are over-the-counter drugs, and you are very familiar with them.



But as I said earlier, not all websites are misleading. If you select a shade of foundation that is either too light or too dark, you may end up looking like a painted stork. Your skin may break out into a reaction or allergy. While there are policies where you can return the product and get your money back, the discomfort caused to the skin cannot be compensated.

Medicines. These are the two determining factors for choosing the right footwear.

When surfing through shopping websites, you may have come across conversion charts for sizes, as they are used in different countries. Bummer, I know! But this is the truth, and with the boom of eCommerce, shopping has become very easy. But picture this! You walk into a clothing store, and just walk out with the first pair of jeans you see. Furniture needs to be checked in person, and a car should be test-driven before purchasing.

There is another drawback with heavyweight items. You need to have precise judgment of the correct size. And this is especially true for the cosmetics that are required to be applied on the face. But what if you get a ‘non-Saint Laurent’ bag in less than $200, which would pass off as an original? You would quiver with joy and order it impromptu.

The same rule applies for luxury brands in perfumes and sunglasses. While choosing the correct size of footwear is important, comfort level is also equally essential. Therefore, if an item is expensive to get delivered, and equally expensive to return, you will incur a loss and have nothing left in hand to show for.

Your browser can buy medicines, but it doesn’t have the degree. They have become savvier. They believe that money can buy happiness, and turn to retail therapy very often. You don’t get to see the actual colors, you don’t get to feel the material, you cannot try out the outfit, nor can you bargain. Does this happen? Absolutely not! You go through a strenuous process of choosing the perfect length, width, and fit, by trying them out. But with online shopping, you miss out on this experience.

While most websites promote clothing and footwear as their primary selling points, makeup comes in as a close third. Therefore, when it comes to clothes, as far as possible, try to stay from online shopping.

Never Shop for Pets Online!

Your browser can buy pets, but what if the cross-bred Labradoodle you ordered turns outs to be a mongrel that barks endlessly, and prefers human limbs as a major munch?

‘Have money, will spend’, is the mantra of today’s consumers. Many of them are authentic. They are meant to fit snugly, and can be quite a nuisance if they don’t. The idea is to look natural and not made-up.

Secondly, if you see a new product and order it, chances are, the product may not suit you. But these brands are ridiculously expensive, and owning them is a pain. Do not opt for third-party websites. I’m left with no choice but to wonder, how this process can be bypassed with a click of a button.

The above-mentioned scenario is applicable for all types of clothing. Through the virtual shopping screen, you can only ‘see’ the size and ‘guess’ the comfort level, right?

Big Brands

Flaunting a ‘Givenchy’ clutch or a ‘Dolce & Gabbana’ tote gives a boost to the ego, and you feel as if you are on top of the world. This is the main reason a patch test is always recommended. You never know what you may be consuming, and from where they are coming.

The only case where you can safely grab a deal is, when you know a particular brand and a particular shade suits you properly, and you have used it before.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that footwear should be tried out properly before purchasing. True! But most, not all! Therefore, to save you from the pitfall, Buzzle has made a list of things you should never buy online.

When I say heavy items, I want to include all those products which you plan to spend the big bucks on. If you must buy online, select trusted websites, and check the reviews of the product. But the best bet would be visiting a store in person, and buying it directly.


Even if you go wrong with the above-mentioned items, the mistake wouldn’t be as major as the one that would occur if you go wrong with medicines. You are going to risk your life if you do so.

There is just no way to ensure their safety, the seals could be broken, they could be tampered with, contaminated, or even fake. Some websites are authentic, and provide ample information so that you can make correct choices. Worse still, the website selling these medicines could be unlicensed. But I would like to make a special mention for intimate clothing. Makeup should always be tested for the correct shade or the right color, before finalizing the deal. I agree that ‘most’ of the products that you get online most probably have a better price. Just pure indulgence without burning a drop of fuel.

But there are some things which cannot be bought through the virtual window, and you will have to visit a brick and mortar store for such items. You can never make out the difference between an original and a knock-off. Also make sure that you inquire about the ‘damage during transition’ expenses, and the ‘return back’ policy, as some websites do not cover these.

Footwear is something that can make or break your entire look, and is really tricky. The reason I’m saying this is, if it was an original, how would something that costs $1,600 be sold at just $160?

Electrical Appliances

Heavy Items

Online shopping need not be stayed away from completely. Furniture, cars, and all other heavyweight items that are difficult and expensive to deliver, should never be purchased online. No more trying out clothes or those nosy salespeople. One more thing that needs to be kept in mind is, if you would be using the appliance everyday, it should be tested before it reaches your doorstep.

You also need to be aware of the fact that, if the website is cutting down the price on a product, it may make up for it by including an exorbitant shipping and delivery charge. But what you may not know is that, shoe size 8 with one brand can be 8 or 7 with another brand. If after getting it delivered, you find that the product is damaged or faulty, you can return it and get your money back. Buying medicines online is a complete no-no. You may ask ‘Why’? Well, it is because, at these stores, you physically get to see, touch, and feel the products, and even can haggle a little. And you would only come to know about the -inch difference, when you receive the big box in your mail. This write-up is only to encourage you to think twice before finalizing a purchase, and be very certain of what you are buying online.

Large and fragile, that is what they are! Electrical appliances usually cost a fortune, and imagine spending on something that you haven’t seen or even touched. I don’t see any point in giving up all these experiences, just to wrestle with an online-ordered pair of jeans that won’t ride up past the knees. The -inch difference would be nothing less than torture, when you stand or walk in your brand new shoes.

Shopping online for clothing can really be a bad experience. You know that your shoe size is 8. But what you will not get back is the shipping charges. If you are planning to buy a luxury brand, make sure you visit their official website and order from there. So, let the doctor and the local medical store be the best option. Apart from the humiliating feeling that the ill-fitting clothes leave us with, there comes another ‘easier-said-than-done’ task of returning the clothes and getting the money back.

I won’t say that you will run into bad or badly-fitting clothing every time

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