Delaware becomes first state to legalize online gambling

The expansion of Delaware’s gambling industry was seen by proponents of the bill as the next logical step to keep from losing more revenues.. The vote in the Senate was 14 in favor to 6 opposed. The Delaware State House passed their version of the bill two weeks ago by a vote of 29 in favor to 8 opposed.

Delaware expands gambling

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Delaware Governor Jack Markell signed into law on Thursday a bill authorizing online betting in Delaware as well as more venues for sports wagering and other gambling.

House Bill #333 formally known as “The Delaware Gaming Competitiveness Act of 2012″ authorizes internet gaming under the control and operation of the Delaware Lottery.

The new law will expand keno beyond Delaware’s three casinos to at least 100 other sites.

After much debate across the nation in the past year, Delaware has become the first state to make online gambling legal.

There was also speculation earlier in the year that New Jersey would be one of the first states to offer online gambling, but those efforts have been put on hold.

In recent years Delaware’s neighbor to the north, Pennsylvania, has been expanding and growing their gaming industry, as Delaware’s gambling revenues decreased. In 2009, Delaware became the first state other than Nevada to offer wagering on NFL football games. The new bill will expand betting on NFL football to at least 20 non-casino sites.

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Markell’s signing of the bill comes just one day after the bill was passed by the Delaware State Senate. Currently wagering on NFL football can only be done at one of three Delaware casinos

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