Investment Banker Joe Sweeney Named to New York Times Best Seller List, Tops USA Today Money Book List

Mary’s College and his MBA from the

University of Notre Dame.

Networking Is a Contact Sport brings a timely message of hope and

inspiration to the nation’s workforce and for millions of unemployed and

underemployed Americans who feel defeated by today’s economy. Personal e-mails can count

in this area, but not impersonal e-blasts.

Fifteen phone calls a day need to be made.

The importance of having “wingmen,” who serve as advisors in an

informal capacity.

The art of knowing your audience.

What men and women can learn from each other to become better


He has used his 28 years of business experience as a master networker in

the sports and business worlds.

Prior to acquiring an equity position in Corporate Financial Advisors, a

middle-market investment banking firm, he founded and was president of

SMG, a sports management firm that specializes in assisting and

representing coaches and athletes including three-time MVP, Brett Favre.

MILWAUKEE–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Joe Sweeney, the author of Networking Is a Contact Sport, takes

his place among an esteemed list of authors when his book landed on The

New York Times Best Seller List and USA Today money book

list this week.

Five meetings or encounters a day is a must.

Joe was also president of the Wisconsin Sports Authority and serves or

has served on 23 boards of directors.

Joe Sweeney is a businessman, entrepreneur, former sports agent,

investment banker and author.

Using his effective networking strategies and techniques, he became a

successful business owner and investor of more than a dozen Midwest

companies. Networking is

a contact sport, and there’s no better person than Joe Sweeney to get

you in shape for connecting with others.”

To interview Joe Sweeney, call Keith Borkowski at 414.336.5714.

Sweeney’s straight-talking advice for the nearly 15 million people

looking for work is helping Americans connect with each other for the

intended purpose of helping each other. For 28 years, Joe has built an empire by

combining his love of business and his passion for sports. Sweeney has owned and operated

four manufacturing companies and has more than three decades of

experience in the business, as well as the sports worlds.

Networking Is a Contact Sport describes how to successfully

connect with the right people, to get a job, do your current job more

effectively or improve your business and personal relationships. Sweeney

explains in colorful detail how his philosophy has impacted his life. Then he moved into sports marketing and represented such

football greats as NFL quarterback Brett Favre, Heisman Trophy winner

Ron Dayne and Green Bay Packer LeRoy Butler. But more

importantly, the book offers a clearly spelled-out networking program

that, if followed, guarantees the reader a job offer within four months.

“It’s no surprise Joe Sweeney’s networking message was recognized by

this honor,” said Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for

the Soul series and writer of the foreword for Networking

Is a Contact Sport. He has a

wealth of hands-on business experience. “Joe’s heart is in the right place, and I

believe he’s the right man with the right message. The 5/10/15 program means:

About the Author

Joe received his BA from St. He lives in the San Diego area with his wife, Nicole.

. In his book, Networking

Is a Contact Sport, Sweeney shares insightful stories about his

dealings with star athletes and business leaders.

Sweeney is so confident his networking approach works, he guarantees

that if people follow his “5/10/15 program” outlined in Networking Is

a Contact Sport and do not get at least one job offer, he’ll refund

the purchase price of the book and send them a check for $250–or

provide $500 worth of free networking coaching.

By following a 5/10/15 program, readers will find success through a

stronger network. With his paradigm-shifting

message that networking is an opportunity to give, not to get, Sweeney

strongly believes readers who reach out to others with this attitude

will experience more success in both their personal and professional


Also in his book, Sweeney outlines his roadmap for success:

Mike Yorkey is the contributing author to Networking Is a Contact

Sport, and is an author, editor, or collaborator of more than

seventy books. A “meeting” means

making some sort of contact with a person, even if it means

chatting up an acquaintance while standing in line at Starbucks.

Ten letters or pieces of correspondence, on corporate or personal

stationery, should be sent every day

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